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The Beautiful Desires


THE BEAUTIFUL DESIRES, is to make high quality delicacies accessible to all with a low impact on the sugar level. We offer pastrieschocolate, cookies as well as products fromgrocery.

We replace traditional white sugar with coconut blossom sugar and maltitol, a sugar from cereals.

We also use old and high fiber flours with a low glycemic index such as lupine flour, coconut flour and semi-complete wheat flour T80.

The sweets of Les Belles Envies are:

  • A glycemic index <30, which represents a decrease of approximately 60% less compared to that of an ordinary pastry.
  • A certificate igc®: Controlled Glycemic Index : before marketing, each of our products is tested to assess its glycemic index.
  • The use of coconut blossom sugar and maltitol which replaces white sugar.

The extent of our range of Controlled Glycemic Index igc® products is recommended for all people who want to take care of their health, control their weight and reduce their daily sugar intake.

It is also suitable for the controlled diet of athletes, women with gestational diabetes and people with type 1 and 2 diabetes.

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