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The eco-responsible charter

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Preserve our resources

  1. Made in France: Manufacturing is done in France from start to finish. 100% French.
  2. Ecological delivery: The products are delivered directly from the craftsman to the customers. The optimization of orders and direct delivery without going through a repackaging reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to a traditional e-commerce or in-store sale. 
  3. Organic / Biological Culture: The materials and components come from organic farming: GMO-free, chemical-free (such as pesticides or petroleum derivatives), the brand uses natural resources in a reasoned way (water and waste savings). 'energy). 
  4. Registered in France: Métiers d'Art de France, Artisans d'Art de France, Master Craftsman or Master Craftsman, member of the Chamber of Trades and Crafts (CMA).
  5. Craft companies with the Living Heritage Company (EPV) label, Guaranteed French Origin, France Terre textile or Geographical Indication (GI).

Defend anti-waste

  1. Upcycling: Reuse of existing materials and components. These are sorted and recycled to preserve natural resources. 
  2. Recycling: Use of end-of-life waste and objects to make new materials. This makes it possible to reintroduce some of their materials in the production of new eco-responsible products. 
  3. Zero waste: To fight against waste and the production of ever more waste, it is a question of banishing the disposable. This requires the use of products designed in an ecological way to last as long as possible.
  4. Zero Plastic: The brand's plastic-free commitment, from manufacturing to packaging.

Promote craftsmanship and art

  1. Made in Local: The product is manufactured within a low kilometer radius in order to promote local resources and jobs.
  2. Heritage: promote craftsmen who promote and restore French cultural heritage. In addition, traditional craftsmanship is canbe the most material manifestation of intangible cultural heritage. 
  3. To knowDo: Support creators and knowledgedo traditional things to enhance the'collective intelligence and the transmission of knowledge. 
  4. Handmade: The facthand is a guarantee of quality, the detail of an artisanal design will never be worth a machine. 
  5. Limited series: The production is limited edition (less than 90 pieces per item) because the craftsmanship sometimes takes a long time.
  6. Unique product: Unique pieces, made by hand or with different fabrics and materials each time, like works of art.
  7. Preorder: To promote “slow production”, all items are made to order in case of out of stock. There may be a manufacturing delay of a few weeks, depending on the choice of color, patterns or personalization you choose. For some items, the colors may vary slightly from the photos.

Protect the human

  1. Fair Trade: Responsible purchasing guarantees workers decent pay and working conditions while ensuring the sustainability of knowledgeto do and traditions. 
  2. Social Impact / social and solidarity economy: An SSE that places the'Man and not profit at the center of the'activity. 

Valuing the work

  1. In the Region: Working where we want to live, c'is possible with the'Arts and crafts.
  2. L'fulfilment: the comfort of'a small team, the personal satisfaction of'manual work, a pleasant working environment.

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