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Marine Peyre creates and publishes a playful and colorful line of seats and modular furniture combining soft foam structures and textile finishes, intended for the world of communities and residential places, distributed under the Marine Peyre Editions brand. From the unique piece to the series, Marine Peyre's collections are 100% made in France, and highlight the know-how of the clothing workshops.

The objective is to make craftsmanship a standard, therefore special attention is given to the material of the furniture, by their tactile, technical and ergonomic qualities.

The proximity of the French production workshops and the specificity of manufacturing make it possible to respond to a tailor-made service. All projects can be adapted and declined according to specific specifications. Marine Peyre, creator and designer, supports you in your project, both in the production of furniture layouts and in the sensitive choice of textile finishes.

Marine Peyre affirms a playful and pop universe which favors games of multiple interlocking and modularity, the use of offbeat materials, expressive and colorful forms, uninhibited attitudes, at the interdisciplinary limits of art, space and design.

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