the Angel of the Bastille

Sell by: Jean-Francois Laurent

the Angel of the Bastille

This painting is inspired by the statue located at the top of the column of the Bastille in Paris.
In his very cut geometric style which allows him to play with lights, contrasts and nuances, the artist gives strength and lightness to this statue.
The angel, wings spread, brandishes a torch. One of his feet touches a sphere that can symbolize the world. He seems to be dancing. The framing is deliberately off-center, suggesting that the angel will come out of the canvas. A dot above his head, placed on the canvas with gold leaf, reinforces the luminous and important side of this unreal being.
At the top left of the canvas is an evocation of the layout of the Bastille fortress (as can still be seen on Parisian soil at this location). Likewise, the angel is here surrounded by a broken circle, in light tones, which evokes the paving of the ground which surrounds the column in the square.
This painting marks an attachment to Paris and particularly to this emblematic place, like a love song.
The Angel of the Bastille is here as a counterpart to the Statue of Liberty.

1500,00  Excl. tax

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