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Wood Motorcycle Carrier

Sell by: GOMEZ Jean-Marc

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Wood Motorcycle Carrier

Sell by: GOMEZ Jean-Marc

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Wooden motorcycle balance bike. Designed to develop children's play, awakening and motor skills. It allows you to have fun in complete safety from the age of one year. It was rewarded in 2018 by a jury of design experts through the Strategic Design Prize. Due to its innovative design, this small balance bike in the shape of a motorcycle has also been the subject of a model deposit at the INPI.

166,00  Excl. tax

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This motorcycle balance bike consists of the following elements:

• A main part in PEFC-certified multi-ply beech. This eco-label certifies that the wood used comes from responsibly and sustainably managed forests. We use beech wood exclusively from the French regions of Lorraine and Burgundy.

• A fork with a movable front wheel, with a steering angle limiting stop. A fork with a fixed rear wheel. A wedge ensuring perfect stability of the front steering. A handlebar support. An ergonomic backrest for the saddle. All these different parts are made of solid wood (natural beech 100 % PEFC).

• A metal bike handlebar with two rubber grips for better comfort for children.

• A metal front grille, black in colour.

• A small, transparent and unbreakable windshield (material: polycarbonate).

• Two silent polyurethane wheels (size: 6 inches, width: 30 mm, rim colors: gray and black) with precision ball bearings (solid tyres, tubeless). They don't make noise while driving. They do not mark the floors. Due to their quality, they can be used both indoors and outdoors. This small children's bike does not have any means of braking.

• The colors of the models in stock are light blue, dark blue, red, yellow, natural wood and anthracite grey.

• The dimensions of this product are: length: 70 cm, width: 40 cm, height: 45 cm, seat height: 22 cm, weight: 4.5 kg (Delivery package: 70 x 35 x 30 cm). 

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